The General Management of Brero Engineering Srl has promoted the implementation of a quality management system aimed at pursuing the full achievement of the satisfaction of its customers, employees and other interested parties (collaborators, suppliers, civil society) oriented towards a continuous improvement.

In particular, the company set the following scopes:

1. The involvement of all collaborators in the continuous improvement of services;
2. The improvement of internal communication between staff;
3. The provision of the necessary and/or appropriate training and information tools to collaborators to improve the products and the services offered;
4. The increase in the Customer’s belief that he/she is dealing with a reliable and technically prepared Organization, so as to ensure a positive word of mouth from the Customer that allows the Organization to continuously grow;
5. The assessment of the extent of the satisfaction of the needs, requests and expectations of customers and other interested parties;
6. The satisfaction of the interested parties (Owners, Customers, Employees, Suppliers), thus implying: constant reduction in the number of complaints, high level of customer satisfaction, partnership agreements with suppliers;
7. Compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments;
8. Attention to the customer communication;
9. Respect for the environment and the current environmental legislation;
10. Compliance with workplace safety legislation.

In order to achieve the objectives set out in this Quality Policy, pursued with entrepreneurial will, the Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources, and in particular:

  • The organization of training activities necessary to make staff aware of the importance of the path taken and to transfer information in order to correctly operate;
  • The constant and active presence of the Manager himself, compatibly with the obligations, during the different stages of implementation of the quality management system;
  • Operate with a view to preventing health and safety risks with constant attention to improving working conditions;
  • The designation of a person who holds the role of Quality Management Manager (RSQ), who proposes himself as a reference, both internal and external, for issues related to quality and is committed to coordinating and verifying the implementation stages of the business management system;
  • Consequently implement systematic improvement programs.

The General Management of Brero Engineering Srl also undertakes to make the objectives listed in this policy measurable, to provide at least annually the results achieved and to specify the new objectives for the following period, communicating them to the entire Organization.
The methods with which the General Management of Brero Engineering Srl intends to operate are reported in the Quality Manual and in the procedures, which interpret and operationally translate the Company’s Quality Policy.

By achieving these objectives we mean:
• To create a company strongly focused on its customers;
• To increase marketing effectiveness;
• To make the customer satisfaction the differentiating factor in a highly competitive market;
• Promote attention and awareness of workplace safety and health specifications;
• Improve the safety conditions in their facilities.

The Quality Policy is presented to all staff through posting on the Quality Notice Board and annual meeting held by the Management.