We make the most of our know-how to provide an on-time, efficient and complete service working as a prime contractor.

Our role is supported by three fundamental pillars: Organization, Professionalism and Quality.

Organization makes the handling of the job easier and faster.

Professionalism guarantees a continuous technical support performed by an experienced technical team during all the stages of the manufacturing.

Quality involves, motivates and drives all the company staff in achieving our priority goal: the full satisfaction of the customer.

We manage:

  • Heat treatments (carbonitriding, carburizing, vacuum quenching, induction hardening)
  • Electroplating (galvanization, anodizing, phosphate conversion coating, burnishing, gilding, nickel electroplating, tinning, chrome plating)
  • Chemical treatments (Niploy Process, nickel plating)
  • Finishings (electropolishing, tumble finishing, shot peening, metal polishing)
  • Die casting (aluminium and magnesium)
  • Molding (thermoplastic materials)
  • Springs (micro springs)