In our firm all functions and work processes are harnessed to achieve our priority goal of quality.
We have an avant-garde approach which by means of the most advanced technological systems, allows us to track the entire production cycle, step by step.

Thanks to the statistical checking of processes, every phase of the manufacturing cycle is constantly checked and analyzed to gather - in real time - the most meaningful data.

We are equipped with accurately calibrated, highly sophisticated tools constantly checked and implemented using the most ip-to-date technologies.

What is more our traceability system for tracking materials gives us a 100% accurate internal handling system.

And of course the most evolved technology combines with the extremely high professionalism of our staff: combining these two factors means we can guarantee the highest possible quality standards.

Our approach to production and work is based on the competence of a highly qualified technical workforce: every member of our staff tackles every specific request put forward by customers on a positive and proactive way.

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Our tools and instrumentation include:

  • air-conditioned chamber
  • Mitutoyo three-dimensional machine;
  • parallel blocks;
  • profiles projector;
  • levels measurer (Durometro);
  • shuttle;
  • ined meters (list on request);
  • altimeters (list on request);
  • dial gauges (list on request);
  • callipers, micrometers (list on request);
  • management software for statistical control (S.P.C.);