BRERO Engineering S.r.l has been active in the field of high-level precision workmanship sector for over 40 years. Ours is an avant-garde enterprise which has evolved and developed through constant investments in new state-of-the-art machine tools and checking instruments.

Thanks to the unflinching support of its highly qualified technical staff, BRERO Engineering manages in its role as a subcontractor, most production processes. This means real partnerships are built with customers based on the shared objective of enhancing competitiveness bt leveraging the key fundamentals of quality, service and price.

At BRERO Engineering the key driver behind our success is flexibility: o meet the needs of a constantly-evolving market, our production structure is organized and optimized to adapt fast to every request.

Thanks to agreements and joint projects with leading firms, BRERO Engineering is well placed ti supply products fitted with complex and innovative technologies.

Our production is conducted in two plants currently measuring 4000 and 3000 sq m.

We guarantee high standards of quality in accordance with the strictest international norms. .

BRERO Engineering specializes in:

  • lathing precision metals and precision minutia;
  • mechanical manufacturing with CNC milling machines with up to 5 palletized boards;
  • round and level grinding work, electro-erosion;
  • cutting and deep-drawing work;
  • light carpentry and metal work;
  • product design and industrialization.

As a Subcontractor, it also supplies:

  • aluminum and magnesium die-casting;
  • molding plastic and rubber materials;
  • springs and micro-springs;
  • hermal and galvanized treatments, anodic oxidations;
  • assemblies (complete and pre-assembly work).
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