Light metalwork and laser cutting division


Light metalwork and laser cutting division.

For more than twenty-five years we have been active in the field of light precision metalwork with our highly professional approach to:

  • light precision metalwork on shiny, satinized and plastified stainless steel, iron, aluminum and Lexan;
  • cutting and deep-drawing using self-feeding presses;
  • automatically loading CNC punch machines;
  • automatically loading aster cuts;
  • 8 mm thick stainless steel cuts;
  • cuts up to12 mm in thickness.

Our Machine

Technologically avant-garde machines.

As well as being advanced both technologically and in quality terms, our stock of machines and tools make automatic distributors, cash and change machines, auto-controlled booths and boxes and other sophisticated products.

  • 2 automatically loading laser cutters capable of handling thicknesses of up 0 mm (Omada) at 4,000 W and 2,000 W/li>
  • 2 self-loading CNC punch machines (Omada- Gasparini Robotizzate)
  • 3 CNC folding presses up to 3,000 mm (Omada)
  • 30 – 60 – 100 – 150 ton presses
  • projection spot welders
  • CNC bending machine up to ø40
  • TIG – MIG welders
  • work bench column drills
  • Grinding machines
  • Orbital receptors
  • multiple head tapping machine
  • assembly line